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AWT D -18 Islamabad


AWT D -18 Islamabad: Project Details, Location, Features, and Plot Prices

AWT-18: Introduction:

AWT D-18 is a housing project initiated by Army Welfare Trust. Here we will discuss AWT Housing Scheme in D -18 Islamabad located near Sangjani.Army Welfare Trust launched AWT D-18 Islamabad about more than two decades ago. Basic concept of this project was to provide low-priced residence to the officials of army and Trust in the capital as well


Details of Project:

This housing scheme currently comprises 8 blocks: Block-A, Block-B, Block-C, Block-D, Block-E, Block-F, Block-G and Block-H All these blocks are fully developed. There are also houses constructed and built in the society. Once Sangjani Interchange on Motorway M-1 is on the boom, it will have a direct access to the society. The housing society is expected to launch more residential blocks in future because the demand for (properties) plots and houses is higher than the properties available there


Project Features

AWT Islamabad is currently a completely developed housing society. The society has planned all the facilities and civic utilities in the society that includes:

  • Plenty of Water
  • Clean Streets and Street Lights
  • Wide Roads
  • Sewerage System
  • Electricity and Gas
  • Gated Community Surrounded by a Concrete Boundary Wall
  • Mosques and Schools
  • Parks and Cinemas
  • Commercial areas and Hospitals

Location of the Society:

AWT lies at a distance of about 15 Km. from main capital city of Islamabad. If you browse the google map, you can check the location of this society in a better way. This housing project is situated on the Motorway M-1. If you go to Peshawar from Islamabad, you will be able to see its Block-A situated on the right side of the M-1. Its other blocks are located on the left side of M-1 (motorway). In fact, this housing scheme is on best location outside the main capital city. The society is nearer to the New Islamabad Airport. It is situated at a distance around 10 minutes’ drive from New Islamabad Airport. There are also several main streams housing society in the same locality


Plot Sizes

This Society offered residential plots of 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal. The society also offered 2.5 Marla, 4 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots in the beginning.

Plot Prices:

Prices of different properties were neither very high nor very low in this project since its inception.

Average price of 10 Marla residential plot in all the blocks ranges between 18 lac rupees to 30 lac rupees in the beginning.

Average price of 1 Kanal residential plot in all the blocks ranged between 30 lac rupees to 50 lac rupees in the beginning.

Average price of 2 Kanal residential plot in all the blocks ranged between 45 lac rupees to 60 lac rupees in the beginning.

Average price of 2.5Marla Commercial Plot in all the blocks ranged between 20 lac rupees to 25 lac rupees in the beginning.

Average price of 4 Marla Commercial Plot in all the blocks was around 50 lac rupees in the beginning.

Average price of 8 Marla Commercial Plot in all the blocks was around 1 crore rupees in the beginning.

Reasonability of Prices:

If you consider the background, location, its own development status, future potential and developments in the adjacent societies, prices here are justified and reasonable. Prices have begun to rise in the society recently after the inauguration of Sangjani Interchange project and the rise is expected to continue throughout the year 2014


Investment Potential

Although you will have many options in the same area but AWT Islamabad can be considered an ideal opportunity for an investment due to 3 main reasons.

  • New Islamabad Airport
  • Margalla Avenue
  • Sangjani Interchange on Motorway

Above mentioned features and trustworthy background of Army Welfare Trust give a lot of weightage for secure investment in this society.

Army Welfare Trust

Army Welfare Trust is a business related project of Forces that comprises of mostly retired army officers. It involves in various business portfolio that includes Agriculture Sector, Real Estate sector, Financial Sector and others. Army Welfare Trust has been running different housing schemes in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore successfully. The head office this organization (Army Welfare Trust) is in the AWT Plaza at Mall Road in Rawalpindi


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