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Bahria Heights Karachi Apartment


Bahria-Heights-Karachi-Apartment: Details, Locations, Map, Price and Payment Plan


Bahria Heights Karachi (BHK) Floor Plan of Two Bedroom Apartments. Bahria Heights (BHK) is a wonderful project of 2 bedroom apartments having a cover area of 1100 Sq. Ft. Bahria Heights (BHK) is amongst the few first projects that BTK promised to complete and hand over in a limited time


Bahria-Heights-Karachi-Apartment (BHKA)

Bahria Heights Apartments (BHKA) are under-construction at the time in very large number. The construction work on (BHKA) has reached almost half way. You can see through the following image of apartments (under construction) in Bahria Town Karachi (BTK)


Bahria-Heights-Karachi-Apartments (BHKA)

This project was started after November 2014. You can see the pace of development and construction work which is idiomatic to Bahria Town (BTK).

Floor Plans of BHKA

Here are the two types of floor plans of apartments measuring 1100 Sq. Ft. with different covered areas and different designs.

Floor Plan-Bahria-Heights-Karachi-Apartments

BHKA offers these apartments with 2 bedrooms, independently attached baths and also dressing rooms. Accommodation of BHKA also includes kitchen, living room, store and balcony in the apartments.

Price and Payment Plan

Booking price of BHKA apartments was fixed at 50 lac rupees in the start. These apartments were considered as best option for residence at relatively affordable prices as compared to Quaid Villas.

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