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Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Bahria Town Rawalpindi BTR Listing

Bahria Town Rawalpindi (BTR)

Bahria Town Rawalpindi (BTR) also recognized as Bahria Town Islamabad (BTI) is a gated and super planned community that is developed and designed by the iconic private real estate developer of South Asia famously named as BAHRIA TOWN. BTR has introduced the best life-style amenities to general public. BTR is especially designed for the housing needs of the middle class of Pakistan that was once thought a right of the elite


Bahria Town (BTR) can be taken as the activator for large growth of real estate (property based) industry in Pakistan. Bahria Town and DHA are the second name of real estate sector in the country. Bahria Town Rawalpindi (BTR) is more popular and considered better than its neighboring projects because of the following factors


Fool Proof Security System

Gated Community

Mosques, Schools, Hospital

Power Generation (No Load Shedding)

High Standards of Development

Super maintenance services

So, the people who are worried about law and order situation in the country and continuous load shedding lean towards Bahria Town considering it the perfect place for living beyond these problems.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi: Foundation

Malik Riaz Hussain is the founder, owner and Chief Executive Officer of Bahria Town. Malik’s broader vision, smarter strategies and untiring efforts have made him the tycoon of real estate industry within 2 decades. Nobody was familiar with the name of Bahria Town 20 years ago. But, today BTR stands as the largest and biggest real estate developer of Asia in private sector


Bahria Town Rawalpindi: Location

Bahria Town is located outside the centers of Rawalpindi. Bahria Town Rawalpindi (BTR), Bahria Town Lahore (BTL) and now Bahria Town Karachi (BTK), all housing projects are located outside the main city centers. The rationality for choosing such locations is basically the availability of cheap and vast land in the outskirts of cities that is needed for such a huge housing scheme. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is situated at the GT Road (the Grand Trunk Road) where Rawalpindi’s main city ends. Phase 1 and 2 of DHA Islamabad are also located in the same area. This area is such a large area that is sufficient for the housing requirement of more than 10 lacs people


Development Status in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Bahria Town Rawalpindi (BTR) comprises 8 phases. 6 Phases (from 1 to 6) lies united but separated from other two near PWD housing society. Other two Phases (7 and 8) are neighboring DHA phase 1 of Islamabad. These phases comprise many residential sectors, parks, commercial areas, wide roads, beautiful monuments, attractive and well-constructed villas, and healthy and clean environment. 7 Phase (1 to 7) of Bahria Town are completely developed. These phases have a huge number of populations


Phase 8 of BTR is the largest one that is developed partially. Phase 8 of Bahria comprises different blocks and sectors: Safari Valley includes Abu Bakar block, Umer Block, Usman block, Ali block, Khalid Block, Rafi block, and Awais block. Safari Valley also includes Safari Homes, Lake View Block, Awami Villas (1 to 6). It comprises Sector A to P also. Head Office of BTR is also situated here


In phase 8, the main commercial area is the commercial hub there. This commercial hub is the center of Bahria Town and Safari Valley. A couple of years ago, Phase 9 of Bahria Town Rawalpindi (BTR) was also launched. A lot of people booked their plots in Phase 9. But Phase-9 was forsaken later. Most of the allottees were relocated to Phase 8. But now, Bahria Town (BTR) is not relocating more allottees of Phase-9 to Phase-8. BTR management is still undecided about the future of Phase-9


Community Features of Bahria Town

Bahria Town Rawalpindi (BRT) offers unique facilities and other features as given below.

  • World Level High Standards of Construction
  • Modern School, Hospital
  • Large Mosque and Beautiful Parks
  • Commercial Areas
  • Sports Facilities at different locations
  • Mini Golf
  • Restaurants and Hotel
  • Shopping Areas
  • World Class Modern Infrastructure
  • Modern Security System (State-of-the-art)
  • Well-managed Maintenance system
  • Historical Monuments at different Locations
  • Own Power Generation System
  • No Load Shedding
  • Underground Supply Lines
  • Awami Villas (2 Rooms Low-Cost Houses for un-privileged)

Only Choice for many Overseas Pakistanis

For most of the overseas Pakistanis who have families in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi (BRT) is the only choice to live. The reason for their confidence is nothing but the best security, facilities, amenities, features, and environment they find only in Bahria Town. The price of a plot or a house is another main reason that is much lower than CDA sectors


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