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Gulberg Islamabad: Residencia & Gulberg Greens by IBECHS


Gulberg Islamabad: Residencia & Gulberg Greens by IBECHS

Gulberg Islamabad: An Introduction

Gulberg Housing Scheme Islamabad is also recognized as IBECHS Phase 3. Gulberg Islamabad is a housing project by Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Scheme (Shortly IBECHS). Gulberg Islamabad is located on the top location of the Islamabad Expressway. Gulberg Islamabad, close to Airport Chowk, has the greatest features for a project most suited to any profitable investment


NOC and Development Work

Some blocks are completely developed. These developed blocks are not only ready for possession but you can see fast pace of construction, while other blocks are currently under development. Gulberg Islamabad was launched 16 years earlier. Its NOC from CDA was approved in 2009. NOC’s Ref. number is “CDA/PLW-HS(127)/2009/257”. IBECHS signed MOU with SNGPL and IESCO for services in the town. Initial development work started in 2009 on this project


Current Position

In Gulberg Islamabad, about 75% of development work has been done till now. If you ever happen to sojourn Gulberg, you shall be admire the quality and pace of development work being carried out whether in Residencia or Green.

Some Word about IBECHS

In fact, IBECHS is a beneficial organization that is working for the housing needs of the IB employees. It is compulsory for the members of management committee to consist of the serving employees of IB only. The head office of IBECHS is located in Blue Area Islamabad.

Past Projects by IBECHS

IBECHS has a splendor history of housing projects by the name of IBECHS. IBECHS had launched Phase 1 & Phase 2 in the past. These projects are also famous as Pakistan Town which is located near PWD. In 2005, IBECHS floated its super project naming Gulberg Islamabad after proudly launching initial phases. Gulberg Islamabad is stretched on thousands of Kanals of land, lush green prime location of Islamabad


Gulberg Islamabad Location

Gulberg Islamabad is located on an ideal location in Islamabad, on Main Islamabad Expressway. This location is the intersection of capital’s Zone 4 and Zone 5. It has an easy access to the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Location is the most appealing part of Gulberg Islamabad.

  • Its distance from BB International Airport is aroun 3 Km.
  • Its distance from Islamabad Club is about 11 Km.
  • Farm houses are situated at the entrance from Isb. Express Way.
  • Residential plots in Residencia are situated at approximately 6.5 Km. ahead.
  • It is coupled with Gulberg Residencia via a bridge in the plan.

Gulberg Islamabad: Project Master Plan

The master plan of Gulberg Islamabad comprises two different projects:

  1. Gulberg Greens (Agro Farm Housing Scheme)
  2. Gulberg Residencia (Residential plots of 200 to 1000 Sq. Yards).

Gulberg Greens (Agro Farm Houses  Scheme)

Gulberg Greens is, in fact, the Agro Farm Housing which is located on Main Expressway in Mouza Koral in Zone 4 of Islamabad capital territory (ICT).

  • Gulberg Greens is about luxury living in planned wooded and green parks.
  • Gulberg Green is a reflection of innovative town planning.
  • Here, everything is located at walking distance.
  • Gulberg Green consists of thousands of Kanals of lush greens land.
  • Gulberg Green is mainly divided in 6 blocks

Blocks in Gulberg Green: Executive Block, A Block, B Block, C Block, D Block and E block.

Gulberg Green: Plot Sizes

Gulberg Greens offers Farm Houses in following 3 different sizes

  1. Jasmine Enclave (Size: 4 Kanals)
  2. Rose Enclave (Size: 5 Kanals)
  3. Tulip Enclave (Size: 10 Kanals)

NOC Status: Gulberg Green

  • CDA approved layout plan of Gulberg Greens on 26/08/2011. NOC was issued to Gulberg Green on 28/05/2012.
  • Status of NOC can be confirmed at the following link:
  • Gulberg Islamabad has accomplished development works of A, B and C Blocks. Gulberg has announced possessions in these blocks. Speedy development work is under way in Blocks D and E.
  • Gulberg Trade Center, a commercial plaza has also been launched in block B of Gulberg Greens. Booking of apartments and shops is going on in this project.
  • 40X40 size commercial plots has also been launched in block B. Near the entrance to the right side, a small commercial area has been developed.
  • These commercials are very costly. Here, prices are above 3.5 crore rupees (payable in 4 equal installments).
  • The location is quite attractive and. In coming years, it might be one of the most expensive commercial areas of Gulberg.
  • Gulberg Residencia: An Introduction
  • Gulberg Residencia is another mega project of IBECHS in Gulberg Islamabad.

Gulberg Residencia Location:

Gulberg Residencia is situated at approximately 6.5 Km. away from main Islamabad Expressway. Gulberg Residencia is connected with Gulberg Green via 220 Ft. wide Gulberg Expressway.

CDA approved the revised layout plan in 2010. Gulberg Residencia got NOC in 2011.

NOC status can be checked in the following link:

Gulberg Residencia Details:

The project of Gulberg Residencia is spread over 15000 kanals of land. Gulberg Residencia comprises of 10000 residential plots. Gulberg Residencia is divided into 21 blocks, i.e. A to V but excluding U and D which are commercial block while remaining blocks are residential blocks


Gulberg Residencia Plot Sizes:

Plots are available in 5 different sizes:

  1. Residential Plots of 200 Sq.Yards
  2. Residential Plots of 272 Sq.Yards
  3. Residential Plots of 356 Sq.Yards
  4. Residential Plots of 500 Sq.Yards
  5. Residential Plots of 1000 Sq.Yards

Gulberg has been developing a new “Blue Area” longwise the Gulberg Expressway that will pass through A and B blocks of Gulberg residencia and reaching D Block (that is commercial block).

Principal Consultant

  1. UPDL (Urban Planning & Design Pvt. Ltd.) is the principal consultant firm under contract for the developments of Gulberg Islamabad.
  2. UPDL is making progress towards completion of the Gulberg Residencia before the estimated duration of time.
  3. UPDL is responsible for the engineering design, town planning and supervision of development works.
  4. Block V is near the Naval Anchorage, and hopefully it will have an access from Naval Anchorage too.

Gulberg Plot Prices

Initially, plot prices were major attraction of Gulberg Islamabad. Now these prices have been multiplied. Its launching prices were as low as 30 lac rupees per Kanal in Residencia and 50 lac rupees per Kanal in Gulberg Greens. There were different payment plans available because booking prices had been revised many times. Plots were allotted to IB Employees initially. This project was opened for general public on flexible and easy installment plan later on


Civic Amenities in Gulberg Islamabad:

Gulberg Islamabad is offering world class and unique amenities that include rang of facilities in beautiful lush green area.

Salient Features of Gulberg Islamabad

Here are the awesome features of mega project (Gulberg Housing Scheme) that is prominent from the rest:

Smart Security

  • Entrance through Gateways
  • Guarded by Physical Surveillance
  • Security Walls, Security Gates & CCTV
  • Infrastructure like a Modern City

Underground Networks

  • Underground Electricity Distribution Network
  • Underground Sewerage and Drainage System
  • Underground Water Supply Network
  • Underground Telecommunication Networks
  • Underground Gas Network
  • Underground Water Storage

Water Avaiability

  • Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Facilities of Overhead Water Storage
  • Facility of Tube Wells
  • Water Filtration Plants

Modern Road Network

  • Wide roads lit by Solar Energy
  • Express Way and Main Avenues: (120′, 150′, 160′, 200′, 220′) Wide Main Roads
  • Main Traffic Commuters: (70′, 80′ and 100′ Wide) Central Roads
  • Wide Internal Roads: (40′ 50′ and 60′ Wide) Streets

Attractive Landscaping

Arboriculture and Horticulture planning of:

  • Wide Roads Medians
  • Beautiful Walkways
  • Long Road Shoulders
  • Along water bodies

You will see soft and hard Landscaping of Roundabouts, Parks, Active and Passive Recreational Sites there in Gulberg Islamabad.

Other Amenities/Public Building

  • Beautiful Mosques, Transport Terminal for residents, Grid Station for un-intercepted power supply, Police Station, Telephone Exchange for communication, Post Office, Fire Brigade for emergency, Graveyards etc.

Recreational and Civic Facilities         

  • Community Centers, Public Library and Auditorium
  • Amusement Park, Open Spaces, Tot lots
  • Walkways and Jogging Tracks
  • Gymnasium and Clubs
  • Planned Lakes/Water Bodies
  • Sports Complex
  • Cultural Complex
  • Restaurants, Resorts and Hotels
  • Cinepax and Theater
  • Golf Club and Sports Club
  • Other Commercial Facilities
  • New Blue Area (Business Avenue)
  • Markaz/Central Commercial Center
  • Class-III Centers
  • Commercial Centers for Basic Needs
  • Petrol Pumps
  • CNG Stations

Health Facilities

  • Modern Hospital
  • Separate Dispensaries for each Block
  • Pharmacies and Clinic

Institutional (Educational) Facilities

    • Nurseries and Schools
    • Colleges and Universities
    • Knowledge Village

Residential (Shelter) Facilities

  • Standard Houses for Residences (200 to1000 Sq.Yards)
  • Luxury Farm Houses (4, 5, 10 and 20 Kanals)
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Luxury Condominiums

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