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Naya Pakistan Housing Authority



“Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is long waited project initiated by Govt. In NPHS 5 million low-priced houses are to be constructed for the Pakistanis. This project is also known as Imran Khan Housing Scheme (IKHS) or the Prime Minister Housing Scheme (PMHS). This project is popular among the people belonging to middle class and lower-middle class Pakistanis. Here, we are given complete details of the project revealed by Prime Minister Imran Khan


Naya Pakistan Housing Project: Introduction

“This housing scheme is designed to provide low-priced housing to low-income salary group. This scheme is also called Apna Ghar Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The Govt. has formed an authority to look after this project. Lt. General retired Anwar Ali Hyder has been appointed the first chairman of NPHA (Naya Pakistan Housing Authority)


Naya Pakistan Housing Project: Details

“Initially, Govt. is planning to build 135000 housing units in different cities of the country.  PM Imran Khan has inaugurated the scheme in Islamabad where government planned to build 25000 houses. In Baluchistan, Govt. has planned to build 110000 houses. Under this scheme, Govt. has also planned to construct a special town for the fishermen of Gwadar. The first phase of this project, comprising about 6000 houses, was kicked off successfully


NPHS as a Joint Venture

In fact NPHS is a joint venture of Govt, Private sector and banks. Where:

  • will act as a facilitator for providing land & removing hurdles
  • The project will be constructed by the private sector.
  • The banks will provide house financing on mark-up.


“NPHS (Naya Pakistan Housing Program) is designed for those Pakistanis who can’t bear the cost of houses at the market prices currently. He who wants to apply in this scheme must meet some criteria that is related to the total household income


Who Can apply?

“First question, people ask mostly is, “Who can apply for NPHS (Naya Pakistan Housing Program)?” But first of all you need an application form. Thee application form could easily be downloaded from NADRA’s (National Database and Registration Authority) website. The applicants had to mention the total monthly gross income of family. There were five categories in this sense


  1. Less than 20000 PKR
  2. Between 20001 PKR and 40000 PKR
  3. Between 40001 PKR and 60000 PKR
  4. Between 60001 PKR and 100000 PKR
  5. More than 100000 PKR

The scheme got much popularity that is why the last date of submitting the application forms was extended to April 1, 2019.


“There is not a big a hard eligibility criteria for this housing Scheme. You need only to fill the application form and apply it. Fee for submitting was only 250 rupees with the form. The applicant received a number by NADRA soon after the launch of the scheme. 5 lacs of them had been digitized


NPHS Eligibility Criteria in a Nutshell

  • Only one member per family can apply (wife/husband).
  • 250 rupees as a fee is to be submitted with the application form.

Preferable Applicants

According to the announcement, following applicant will be given preference.

  • The applicants having monthly income ranging from 10000 to 25000 rupees.
  • The applicants who don’t own independent property in the country.

Categories of Houses

In Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, houses will be constructed in following three categories:

  • Labour Class
  • Lower-Middle Class
  • Middle Class

Down Payments

Down payment for these houses will be 10% to 25% for all the categories mentioned above.

Payment Plan: Naya Pakistan Housing Project.

Govt. is also facilitating for the payments or prices in NPHS. For this purpose:

  • Banks are asked to provide home loan facilities.
  • Banks have also been asked to devise appropriate terms & conditions for home financing.
  • Banks are asked to facilitate the applicants in paying back and clearing the amount in about a period of 20 years.

“In fact, initially you will have to pay only down payment while rest (80%) will be paid by the banks. You will be able to pay back this 80% amount in a period of 20 years. In this scheme, the owners of the houses will also have to pay 10 percent markup on the amount financed by the banks


Details of Pilot Project

“The pilot project of this scheme is a JV (joint venture) between Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) and the private sector. The Govt. would build double-storey houses under this Apna Ghar Housing Scheme. Egyptian and Chinese companies have shown eagerness to build about 2 million houses under the scheme. There is also good news for industry that Govt. has made it compulsory for foreign companies to use only locally produced raw material in this scheme. It is also agreed that the international companies will be permitted to hire only local labour force in this scheme


Cities Selected for NPHS Project

In the first phase of project, six cities have been selected to build houses under Apna Ghar Housing Program. These cities include:

  • Islamabad
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Swat
  • Faisalabad
  • Sukkur
  • Quetta

Provincial Initiative in NPHS

“Provincial Govt. of Punjab has also decided to commence this low-priced housing scheme in the districts of Bakkar, Quaidabad (Khushab) and Layyah. The registration process for Apna Ghar scheme in these cities may start soon. It was announced in the meeting of governing body of PHATA (Punjab Housing & Town Planning Agency). The meeting also decided to finalize the selection of suggested sites in Lahore. After visiting the proposed sites, the committee will give its final report. A brief about the design of NPHS Multan project was also shared in the meeting


Replacing Slums by the High-Rises Naya Pakistan Housing Program

“The PTI Govt. has planned to convert slums into towering high-rises by applying a modern Chinese construction mechanism. Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed in a speech that about 40% of Karachi’s population inhabits in kachi abadis. Prime Minster also revealed that a Chinese company had offered to build an entire floor and a prefabricated home in a week. This is how Chinese can actually replace slums into towering high-rise buildings in very short time


CDA Approval of Land for Naya Pakistan Housing Program

“CDA (Capital Development Authority) has given the approval of seven acres of land for this NPHS in the Mauve Area in capital. The board has given approval of awarding 508 Kanal of land to FGEHF near Askari-6 for the NPHS


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