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Top City-1 Islamabad


Top City-1 Islamabad – Project Introduction – Location – Developments – Plot Prices

Top City-1 Islamabad – Introduction

Top City-1 Islamabad (TPI-1) is a splendor housing society of Dynast Associates. Top City-1 is situated right on the junction of motorways M-1 and M-2. Top City-1 is amongst the gainful investments near New International Airport Islamabad


NOCs of Top City-1

Top City-1 is registered with RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). Top City-1 has received NOCs from ICT, RDA, NHA, CAA, as well as from EPD (Environment Protection Department). The details about registration and NOC’s of Top City-1 are verifiable at its official website


Location of Top City-1

Top City-1 is situated on the south of Kashmir highway. Top City-1 lies at the junction of M-1 and M-2 motorways. Top City-1 is at a distance of about 3 Km. from New International Airport Islamabad. Block-G, Block-F and Block-H of Top City-1 lie close to the entrance of New Islamabad Airport. CAA seized its land in G block due to security concerns. Here is the location map of Top City-1 Islamabad given below



It seems as Top City-1 has taken full gain of its location. The management of Top City-1 is working on all the opportunities coming in on the scene in this area because of the New International Airport Islamabad in neighborhood. Top City-1 is the combination of best management, best planning and best location. The efforts had carved out the present and future of Top City-1. Due to these factors, Top City-1 can be trustfully suggested either for a short term or medium term investment opportunity or for a residence purpose in this area


Road Access to Top City-1

Top City-1 gets main access from Kashmir Highway. This location is much suitable for anybody going out of the city or coming into the city. The society is situated at about 10 minutes’ drives from capital city of Islamabad. Top City-1 is around 3 Km. away from the New International Airport Islamabad


Development Status in Top City-1

At the time, Top City-1 is largely developed society with a less development work remaining. Latest technologies are available there in Top City-1 to make it an exemplary private housing project in that area. Therefore, standards of Development in Top City-1 are better than neighboring housing projects


Top City-1 (A smart City)

Top City-1 also claims to be the first Smart City in Pakistan that have provided all the latest and modern technologies in society including:

  • Fiber optics
  • Smart meters
  • E-health service
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • E-Government
  • Smart Surveillance Systems

Salient Features of Top City-1

Here is the list of some basic features planned in Top City-1 Islamabad: Top City-1 comprises 5906 Kanals of land. This land is 740 acres approximately. Available plot sizes in Top City-1 are 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. This top housing project has reserved some area for farm houses in bigger sizes. A beautiful and wide ring road also passes through the proposed area of Farm Houses. Top City-1 has already reserved prime location land adjacent to Kashmir highway for Five Star Hotel Project. This project will be launched later on


The society has also reserved some land for high rise buildings facing M-2 (Lahore Motorway). The society has also designed a water treatment plant that has been approved already. This treated but waste water is aimed to be utilized for gardening purpose


Eco-friendly, clean, green environment

Hi-Tech security measures,

Modern development standards

Provision of all living facilities

Basic Amenities

Plot Prices in Top City-1

Top City-1 has witnessed many ups and down since it inception one and half decade ago. This society offers different sizes of residential plots: 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. 5 Marla commercial plots are also being offered. Bigger commercial plots, for mega projects, will be available afterwards


5 Marla plots in H block: Files (without number) cost around 22 to 25 lacs rupees.

10 Marla plots in A and D Block: Price is around 40 to 55 lacs rupees.

10 Marla plots in E and F Blocks: Price is around 35 to 45 lacs rupees.

1 Kamal plots in B Block: Price is around 75 lacs to 1 crore rupees.

1 Kanal plots in A and C Block: Price is around 60 to 75 lacs.

1 Kanal plots in E and F Blocks: Price is around 50 to 65 lacs.

5 Marla commercial plots: Price is around 1 crore to 1.3 crore rupees.

Important Note:

The above mentioned prices are estimated price depending upon the availability of the plots in a certain block. Prices of these plots may also vary depending on plot location, other features and development status


Investment Prospects in Top City-1

Despite on being the good location, this society has not been able to gain its right and full potential because the access from Kashmir Highway is pending yet. However, the development works across various blocks are being carried out. Hopefully, this society will rise high with the vision of Dynast Associates. New Islamabad International Airport has been operational since August 2017. With this mega development, bulk of local and foreign investment is expected in this particular area. Once CPEC projects are on boom, it will become a golden and gainful opportunity. Here the investment promises manifold returns in a very short time


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